What Are the Benefits Of Invisalign?

October 13, 2014

The Benefits Of Invisalign Are Clear!


Invisalign can straighten your teeth

Benefits Of Invisalign

Every time you look in the mirror, your eyes always go to that one spot. The spot in your mouth where your teeth just don’t look right. Maybe it’s a gap or some crooked teeth—either way, it’s bugging you and it’s time to fix it.  You may have thought metal braces were the only solution so you’ve been avoiding the issue because you really aren’t interested in wearing those for the next couple of years. Sounds like you’re a great candidate for Invisalign clear aligners.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are removable braces that are practically invisible. You’re the only one who knows that you’re wearing them, unless of course you decide to brag about them to your friends. In about 12 months, you’re treatment will be complete, leaving you with nothing but a dazzling smile.

The process is really simple, actually. After an initial visit, 18-30 custom trays will be created especially for you. You’ll start with the largest one and transition to the next size down approximately every two weeks. The schedule may vary depending on how quickly your teeth respond to the appliance.

We already mentioned that they are practically invisible, but do you know what else makes them great? They can be removed during meals and when you brush your teeth. As long as you wear them at lest 20 hours per day, you will still see the expected results from these removable braces.

Why keep putting it off? You know you’re interested in learning more and we’d love to answer any questions you have. We even have some great financing options to help with the cost of treatment. No more excuses! It’s time to call us for a consultation today so you can’t stop worrying about it and get back to smiling.

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