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What to expect

Your first visit to us will be an exciting one in a very relaxed and happy environment. We will pay special attention to you and your individual needs and have a nice chat about your history. We will make notes of all you tell us – and then we will decide on what we all agree needs to be done to make you leave smiling.

Children will have their parents beside them, so we will all be together and have fun with it. Sometimes the first visit will have 2 phases, but this will only be the case in very specific situations when we have to do things that just take more time. These cases might include situations where we have to look at skeletal development, use jaw expanders or if there are psychological things that we have to take extra special care with. Rest assured though – there is nothing we won’t be able to help you with, and everything we do will be done with a lot of love and special attention to you.


During the consultation we might take photos or x-rays of your teeth and jaws and then analyze them and perhaps give you some feedback regarding your skeletal development too. We might also have to do some mathematical measurements. We might not have to do all of these things, but we will definitely do a thorough job to make sure we don’t miss anything. You will enjoy all of this, because we will share everything we do and find with you (and your child, if the visit is actually your child’s visit)!

What is right for You

After all this has been done, we will talk about you some more. We will talk about how what we have in mind will boost your confidence and how it will benefit you in various areas. We will talk about what the x-rays or photos have shown us – and how you will look afterwards. We will discuss what exactly we are going to do, how long it will take for you to get to your goal, answer any and all questions you might have, and we will talk about cost. We will also talk about which of the various braces options your personal favorite is.

And then… the real fun will start! Because then we will make molds of your teeth so that we know what exactly we have and what we need to custom make especially for you! We love every part of our journey with you, and we know you will love it too.