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Wilckodontics is a surgical accelerated osteogenic orthodontic procedure, that aims to help our patients to spend less time in braces. The procedure may only be performed by professionals who have completed the extra certification course and is a specialized procedure; one that we are grateful and proud to say our doctors are qualified to perform in the interest of our patients!

Wilckodontics involves both orthodontical and periodontical expertise from your doctor, and will result in teeth straightening that will happen 3-4 times faster than when we just fit braces for you. In fact: it could result in you only spending about 5-8 months in braces compared to sometimes years if you do not have the procedure done!

Although it does involve surgery, you need not worry about it at all. Our doctors will treat you with the utmost respect, care and love from the very start to the very happy end result and your great smile!

Wilckodontics is a very beneficial procedure not only because of the speed that it builds into your teeth straightening, so we have faith in the results for you as our patient. We are happy to explain why: the procedure removes some exterior bone, which temporarily de-mineralizes your teeth and makes the bone less dense. However – this is what causes your teeth to be able to move to where we want them to be, so much faster. Within 20-55 days the bone will have built up new minerals, which will then leave you with actually stronger bone. This means that you will run a much smaller risk for having to have teeth extracted later!

Always remember: if you are not sure if we can help you with something – give us a call and we will tell you. Our advice is always free!