What is an Essix Retainer and Who Would Benefit From it?

July 14, 2014



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Essix Retainers

Essix plastics enjoy unmatched popularity in the world of dentistry as they are versatile, flexible and have topnotch positioning capabilities. This makes an essix retainer a perfect choice for correcting minor movements of the teeth and it also provides multiple benefits to those who need them.

Why essix retainer?

Recently, the essix retainer, a very effective method for correctly positioning teeth, has become a major alternative to spring retainers. The good thing about essix retainers is that they cause minimal interference with your hygiene care, if any. This can’t be said for the fixed retainers, which are known to be a great hindrance to proper care. The essix retainer can easily be used to create space, close diastemas, increase force adjustments and increase retention. Essex retainers adapt well in the mouth and are able to cling perfectly well to tooth surfaces without any distortion.

Benefits of essix retainers

The concept of teeth retention has recently moved to the idea that the teeth will move unless they are retained indefinitely. The cornerstone of the essix retainer is completely delegating the responsibility of maintaining the retention to the patient. With essix retainers, there is really nothing that needs to be adjusted. When I ask my patients to come for a checkup visit, the only thing I do as an orthodontist is check the compliance of the patient and listen to any comments. The essix retainer comes with a plethora of benefits, starting with the fact that they can be supervised easily without office visits.

Essix retainers come with a guarantee of absolute stability of the anterior teeth and they help you reap the maximum benefits out of using them. They are also exceptionally durable and guarantee that you get the best value for your money. Also, the ease of cleaning an essix retainer is something that you will enjoy. The low cost of these retainers is another reason to choose them. They assure a brilliant teeth appearance and offer ease of fabrication as well.

You can only wear essix retainers at night; therefore, they change the usual rule of permanent retention. Anyone with minor tooth movement can benefit greatly from an essix retainer. I recommend essix retainers to my patients as I know that they are able to assure that they will get a perfect smile with minimal expense and great ease.

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