What If I Miss An Orthodontic Appointment Over The Summer?

June 22, 2015

One of the keys to having a successful orthodontic treatment is to maintain regular appointments where we can tighten your wires and make any necessary adjustments in your treatment schedule. These appointments are included in the cost of your braces and every effort should be made to keep them, but we understand that sometimes you may miss one due to vacation or other summer activities.

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Keep your summer appointments to get your braces off sooner!

  • Reschedule: As soon as you realize you are missing an appointment, call us immediately to reschedule. Because appointments are scheduled in advance, it could take a week or more to get you in.
  • Expect delays in treatment: Having your archwires tightened at regular intervals is one of the most important ways to wear your braces for the shortest time possible.
  • Follow the rules: Make sure you are still following the wearing guidelines you we provided you with your braces were put on.
  • Let us know if the unexpected happens: If a bracket comes off or a wire breaks, you need to see us right away.


It’s easy to forget appointments once the school year routine is over, but your teeth won’t be as understanding. The field of orthodontics is based on slowly moving your teeth into alignment through the use of gentle force. When your wires aren’t tightened at the recommended intervals your braces will lose their effectiveness and you’ll have to wait longer before you have your new, straight smile. Once you know your summer plans, coordinate with our office to schedule appointments that work better with all of the fun stuff you have planned. After all, the more appointments you keep the sooner your braces will be off.

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