The Healthy Benefits of Braces

October 12, 2015

Orthodontic treatment is about more than pretty smiles; it’s a matter of health! If your teeth are out of alignment, it isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Malocclusions can actually have a negative effect on your oral health.

pembroke pines orthodontic treatment

Tooth Decay:  If your teeth are crooked, they may overlap each other. The area where they cross over each other is a great place for plaque to hide out since you aren’t able to brush and floss that area properly. This plaque eventually hardens to become tartar and that’s when things get really bad because the conditions are perfect for tooth decay. Tooth decay causes holes in your teeth known as cavities and they could become bad enough to cause the loss of the tooth.

Gum Disease: Caused by the same bacteria responsible for tooth decay, gum disease attacks your periodontal tissue and can lead to loss of gums, teeth and underlying bone.

Injuries: Upper teeth that stick out too much are at a higher risk of being fractured and injured. Correcting overbites through the use of orthodontic treatment can help protect your smile if you experience trauma.

Self-Confidence: A beautiful smile can also benefit your mental health too. When you are proud of how your teeth look, you smile more. The more that you smile, the higher your self-esteem is and that can make you more successful in your professional life and personal life.


Correcting your smile through orthodontic treatment like braces is a great idea no matter what your reasons are. To find out how Cronauer and Angelakis can improve your oral health by improving your smile, schedule a complimentary consultation at either of our South Coast locations.

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