Teens Love Choices – We Have Many For Their Braces!

August 25, 2014
choices for your teens braces

Teens have choices when it comes to braces!


As a teenager, one of the last things you may want to hear is that you may need to wear braces. The teenage years are synonymous with intense emotional and physical changes, and throwing braces into the mix seems to be too much for some teens.  Others are excited for braces, they may see their friends have them, or they are eager to get those teeth straightened out!

I know that image is important during this period of life, and suddenly having metal wires and brackets all over your teeth may seem a little overwhelming. Let me not even mention the discomfort and the affected speech. Before you decide putting off smiling for a couple of years, let me tell you about the different brace options that will help ease your concerns.

Choices For The Type Of Braces

Technology has now given us practically undetectable braces such as Invisalign and clear ceramic braces. These clear braces work the same way as conventional braces, but consist of custom-fit aligners which are changed after every few weeks. Being practically invisible, they are suitable for teens who want to keep the fact that they are wearing braces ‘under cover’. Invisalign braces can also be removed when eating, during sports or playing musical instruments. However, they may cause a lisp for the first few days.

Choices For The Colors

Fashion-oriented teens will be glad to know we also have glow-in-the-dark, silver and gold braces, so you can now straighten your teeth while being cool.

There are wires and bands that come in an almost unlimited number of shades, ranging from metallic purple to neon pink. You can change them with every visit to your orthodontist, so you can get a fresh look for every season and trend as you prefer.

We also advise parents of teens out there, talk to them if they seem stressed. Consult your orthodontist if your teen develops tooth or gum pain, and keep soft foods in the house for them to eat if their teeth are painful. It is essential to have regular visits to make your time in braces as comfortable and quick as possible.

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