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Kaelin Danieli

Kealin had clear braces for a year and a half. Take a look at her Before and Afters! Read More..

Kaelin gets her braces off

Roger Archabal

After only a year and a half, Roger got his braces off! Read More..

Roger got his braces off

Monica Bedson

Monica’s Smile Looks Amazing!! Read More..

Monica got her braces off today!

Jake Cantafio

Jake Cantafio got his braces off! Read More..

Jake Cantafio gets his traditional metal braces off

Graduates: Kimberly & Katie

Katie and Kimberly recently got their braces off! Read More..

Cronauer and Angelakis braces graduates
patient testimonial

Seiya’s Story

Seiya moved here from Japan and came to the office worried about the fact that his upper teeth were behind his lower teeth. Read More..