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The purpose of orthodontic retainers is to keep your teeth in position after you have had them realigned (for example after wearing braces), but they are also sometimes recommended by your doctor after surgery. Their main function is to keep teeth in position before or after dental braces, while also aiding the gums to adjust to the changes in the bone. They will always be custom-made especially for you and are usually made of wires or clear plastic.

We would like to introduce 3 types of retainers to you!

1. Essix retainers: Essix retainers are used to maintain the bite after other orthodontic procedures. They are made of molded clear plastic and are vacuum-formed. The removable and totally clear aligners are practically invisible when worn. They cover the teeth completely, they don’t have any wires, and can be removed, so they don’t interfere with eating or oral hygiene. Read More…

2. Fixed retainers: A fixed retainer will suit you if you want to have the type of teeth alignment system that you can put in your mouth and forget about. Fixed retainers deliver good long term results; far better than removable ones. A fixed retainer is normally placed behind your lower teeth (not visible to others) once your braces have been taken out and is basically just a wire that is ‘permanently’ bonded to your teeth and that will stay there for several years. It has the benefit for parents that their children can’t lose them! Read More…

3. Removable retainers: Removable retainers are meant to aid minor teeth alignment needs and to close small gaps between teeth. It is suitable for the person who only wants to wear one at night and take it out in the morning, and who is looking for normal, easy oral care without wires and brackets to worry about. While they are convenient, a lot of responsibility lies with the patient, because if they are not used as prescribed, treatment will be less effective. They are, however, durable and long lasting. Read More…

FAQ’s :

Is it really important that I wear a retainer?

YES! All the hard work and money that you put into your braces will all have been in vain if you don’t use an appliance to help keep your teeth in their new places!

How long will I have to wear it?

Basically – for as long as you want to have straight teeth; so – ideally for the rest of your life. At first you will have to wear them for most of the day, but as your ligaments heal and they and your teeth get used to their new positions, you will only have to wear it at night.

What if my retainer breaks?

You just call our office as soon as possible to make an appointment and your orthodontist will have it fixed.

What do I do if I am somewhere and I suddenly need to take my retainers out?

It would be a good idea to have a few retainer cases. Have one in the car, in your school bag, in your handbag, your exercise or swim bag etc.

What do I do if I feel my retainers don’t fit right all of a sudden?

Call our offices as soon as you can so that we can have a look and sort you out!

If my retainer has cracked, can I try to fix it myself with glue?

If your retainer has cracked, broken or become damaged in any way, rather call us so that we can either fix or replace it.

I stopped wearing my retainer years ago. I found it the other day and tried to wear it again, but now it hurts. Should I just continue to wear it?

No. Your retainer was custom-made for you after you had received full orthodontic care with braces. After wearing the braces, your ligaments had stretched a bit and your teeth had moved. What you are doing now, is to try and use your retainer as an aligner. This could cause irreparable damage to your teeth. Rather, make an appointment with us, and let us assess your current situation and what should be done.