Resolve To Fix Your Crooked Teeth With Braces!

December 01, 2014

Every year, over 60% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. The most common ones include losing weight, eating better and quitting smoking. All of those are great, but why not go with something out of the box like getting the gorgeous, straight smile that you’ve always wanted? With so many options and financing plans, there’s bound to be one that works out for you!

2015 New Year celebration


Traditional Braces: This is the style that comes to mind for most people when they hear about braces. This system of brackets and elastic ligatures is worn for about two years and requires regular adjustments to tighten the wires. Brackets can be metal or made out of ceramic materials that match your natural tooth color. Ligatures are available in just about any hue and can be switched out at each visit.


Accelerated BracesAccelerated braces are applied like normal braces, but we do an additional surgical procedure that creates small holes in your bone that cause the teeth to move even faster. When these puncture heal, the bone is actually stronger than it was prior to the treatment. This significantly reduces the duration of time that you wear braces and most patients achieve their desired results in only 6 to 9 months.


Invisaligners:  Invisaligners are a series of 18-30 clear trays that get increasingly smaller as your treatment continues. They are practically invisible and most people will not be able to tell that you are wearing them. Unlike traditional braces, you can take them out for meals and brushing.


ClearAligners: Designed and patented by our own Dr. Cronauer, ClearAligners combine the inconspicuousness of Invisaligners with the speed of accelerated braces.


This upcoming year, stop wishing you had a better smile and make it happen! Resolve to schedule a free consultation with one of the oldest and best orthodontic practices in the South Coast area. Call for your appointment today.

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