Protecting Your Teeth During Sports Season

April 11, 2016

sports protectionWe all love the sports season.  There is excitement in the air and spring time is when it all kicks off, but unfortunately with sports come injuries.  More times than most it’s the face that sees the most injuries; yet we don’t always consider wearing all the protection needed during our sporting events.  Especially when it comes to protecting our teeth. We are so excited about the big game that our lack of protection usually means a trip to the dentist afterwards.

Injuries can range from broken teeth to lost teeth and no one likes a toothless smile. To correct these problems it can be very costly as well as extremely painful. So, it doesn’t matter whether its one little game of tennis or a full season of ice hockey, protection is needed.

A Proper Fitting Mouth Guard Is a Must

Most people probably already know this fact but it never hurts to remind them anyway.  Mouth guards and shields are the very best pieces of equipment to help ensure teeth and gums remain unharmed during sporting activities. If you happen to wear braces, mouth guards or shields can help protect the inside of your mouth from getting cut as well as protect your braces from getting seriously damaged. We know guards aren’t always the most attractive items but they do absorb a lot of the damage if you do by chance get a ball, elbow, or other flying obstacle to the face.

Even worse than not wearing a mouth guard at all, is having an ill-fitting one. No matter the sport or intensity you are playing at, you should always insure the type of guard you’ve chosen to wear fits snug and comfortably. A loose mouth guard can do more damage to teeth and gums, costing you more trips to your orthodontist and more money.

Sports are extremely tough and if the teeth are not fully protected they are put at risk from serious injury.  I have seen people lose teeth in a friendly game of soccer; just imagine the damage that could’ve be done during a competitive match!

What to Do If You Damage Your Teeth?

Depending on the amount of damage done to the teeth, treatments can range from a simple cosmetic bonding to a full blown crown, bridge, or set of braces to realign your smile. While it is possible to re-implant a tooth which has been knocked loose, the conditions need to be right in order for this to happen. This means getting to the dentist quickly is a must.  We can’t do much if the tooth isn’t seen to within a few hours of it coming loose. Chipped teeth aren’t too bad to fix though they can still be quite uncomfortable and costly.

No matter what the problem may be, our office is always looking out for your best interest. Whether it’s a sports injury or you are looking for ways to straighten your smile, we are always here to help.  Contact us today for a consultation or to answer any questions you might have.

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