Why Would You Choose Ceramic Braces?

July 07, 2014
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Why Would I Want to Get Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces have become one of the most popular teeth straightening solutions, but why would you want to choose ceramic braces over other available options of braces?

Its color blends with your teeth

As an orthodontist, there are many reasons why I would advise you to get ceramic braces to get that much desired beautiful smile. This particular type of braces is unique, starting with the fact that its color blends perfectly well with the teeth. Unlike the traditional metal braces, no one will even notice that you are wearing ceramic braces.

They are stain resistant

Most of us orthodontists usually recommend ceramic braces, especially for adults, since we understand all too well the concern that many adults have in being perceived to have a ‘metal mouth’. The stain resistant nature of ceramic braces is something that can’t be taken for granted. When I fit the ceramic braces on your teeth, you can rest assured that your teeth won’t become discolored in any way. This is very important as it will save you from the worries of having a stained mouth, which of course is not a very attractive look.

They are more comfortable

When it comes to comparing ceramic braces with others, such as metal braces, most of my patients usually feel more comfortable when wearing ceramic ones. Since self-litigating ceramic versions of braces are made with composite materials, this means that the last thing that you can expect is gum irritation. This is a problem that you will have to deal with when it comes to the traditional metal braces. Therefore, ceramic braces make the whole experience of getting orthodontia very beneficial and you can be sure that they are the perfect choice no matter what your situation.

Ceramic braces are strong

Another reason why I wouldn’t hesitate to get ceramic braces is due to the fact that they are very strong. Some people tend to think that ceramic versions are less durable but this isn’t the case. When making ceramic braces, the material is usually sealed by a powerful plasma light adhesive. Also, when it comes to cost, getting ceramic braces won’t cost a fortune. These braces are reasonably priced; considering the many benefits associated with them, you have every reason to get ceramic braces.

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