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Simply everything we do at Cronauer & Angelakis Orthodontics is geared at accommodating our patients and bringing happy smiles to their faces. Our payment options are no different, and we really try hard to accommodate everyone by always giving them options in whatever we do. With this in mind, we offer the following variety of payment options to our patients:

  • We offer discounts to families who allow us the honor of looking after their whole family’s dental care requirements.
  • We give discounts when patients pay accounts in full in advance.
  • We accept all major credit cards for your convenience of worry free payment.
  • We accept PPO and private insurance. We will evaluate your individual situation and give you efficient and quick feedback when you visit us.
  • We accept auto monthly debits and will help you set up yours without hiccups.
  • We provide in office payment plans and will discuss them with you in detail and in a caring manner should you need this option.

Whatever your needs are, always approach our amazing team and ask if you are unsure about anything. We are here to help, and we really want to.