Orthodontics Over Summer Break

June 12, 2015

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s… well you get the picture. School is out for summer and it’s time for students to slow down and have fun. Although you don’t have to be at school anymore, if you wear braces you still have some responsibilities to worry about. If you follow are easy guidelines, your braces will have a great summer vacation too!

braces pembroke pines

You still need to come in over summer break!

  • Keep Your Appointments: Regular orthodontic appointments should not be skipped just because you are out of your routine. These appointments are included in your overall cost and are imperative to keeping your treatment schedule on track. If one falls during a family vacation, call Cronauer and Angelakis Orthodontics to reschedule as soon as you realize the conflict.
  • Don’t Forget Your Retainer: The lazy days of summer are no time to become lazy about wearing your retainer. Your retainer is the key to maintaining the hard work your braces did for you. If you are away on vacation or at camp don’t forget to bring your retainer and always keep it in the case when you are not wearing it.
  • Have An Emergency Plan: When traveling, it’s a great idea to have the names and numbers of orthodontists in the area you are visiting. Check with family and friends or our office for referrals. It’s also advisable to pack a braces emergency kit that includes tweezers, wire cutters, extra bands and orthodontic wax.
  • Avoid Forbidden Foods: One of the best ways to prevent an orthodontic emergency is to avoid the foods on the forbidden list. These include chewy or crunch candy, ice, nuts, bagels, pizza crusts and uncut apples and carrots.


Whether your summer involves travel to fun spots with your family or just relaxing at home, don’t neglect your braces. You won’t have them on every summer and by following the same rules that you do during the school year, they’ll be off in no time!  To schedule or reschedule your orthodontic appointment, call 954-680-6160.


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