Orthodontic Myths

June 26, 2015

It’s time to clear the air about some common misconceptions about orthodontic care.  After all, these “urban legends” might be coming between you and your best smile possible!

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Facts & Myths about orthodontic treatment

  • Only metal braces give the best results: Although traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces, they aren’t the only option to get the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted. Our patients have had successful treatment from ceramic braces and Invisalign removable clear aligners.


  • Only kids wear braces: At Cronauer and Angelakis, half of our patients are actually adults. Some are wearing braces for the first time and others are using them to restore the alignment their teeth had when they were younger. Thanks to advances in the field of orthodontics, we can even decrease the treatment time using accelerated braces.


  • Orthodontic treatment is financially unobtainable: If your insurance doesn’t offer orthodontic benefits you may think braces are out of your reach due to budget constraints. Never let money keep your family from the important orthodontic care that they need. We offer many in-house financing options to make your treatment a reality.


  • Braces are only for crooked teeth: Braces make beautiful smiles but they correct other problems too. Properly aligned teeth help prevent gum disease as well as bring some patients relief from temporomandibular joint syndrome.


When you need to know the truth about braces, the board-certified orthodontists at Cronauer and Angelakis are happy to clear up any misconceptions you might have had. Schedule a complimentary consultation to have your smile evaluated and see what treatment options are available for you.

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