“Why” You Need An Orthodontist, Besides Straighter Teeth!

July 06, 2016

“Why Do I Need An Orthodontist?”

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Asked no one ever. In fact we are trying to figure out why we are even bothering writing a blog post about it, who is going to ask this question? Everyone knows you see an orthodontist in order to simply straighten your teeth. The surprise is, according to our very own Dr. Angelakis, there are many more reasons.

Early Crowding – Teeth too close early on = big problems to come.  Let us fix that right away!

Super-numeration – We know, you don’t know what that means.  It’s ok!  98 percent of the population doesn’t, but it means extra teeth from the start. Kids that have this will have major alignment problems if it isn’t addressed at the right time.  Honestly, even when timed perfectly having more teeth than what you are supposed too, creates orthodontic problems.

Speech Issues – Bringing your teeth to the right place so that your tongue can do its work, and your teeth help it make the right pronunciation!

Future Growth – Aligning everything up so that when you are done growing, it all looks perfect.  Teeth, face and Jaw. (speaking of Jaw alignment issues, please read the next reason to visit us.)

Skeletal Deformity – This occurs when the lower jaw is stronger than the upper jaw, meaning a longer lower jaw. (The most famous example is Jay Leno)  If you don’t take care of this early enough, it can become a precursor to surgery later. Or maybe you are planning your bid to take down the current reigning night time talk show hosts!

Detracting Bad Habits – Finger and tongue habits begin as a kid, and they can have a detrimental effect on the future growth of your teeth.  We can help deter this quickly to stop any further damage!

Periodontal Issues – Yes we know, you might not even know what periodontal means.  It’s ok, not many immediately do, but it has to do with everything surrounding your teeth, mainly the gums. Your gums deserve great treatment, as they are what will keep your teeth securely in your mouth!  Orthodontic treatment assists in making your gums happy, healthy and in the proper position.

Prosthetic Replacements – In this case, you are essentially missing teeth, and you need implants.  We work with your oral surgeon or periodontist to either make room or take away the extra space!

Attrition – Ok what does that mean? Well do you grind?  Sorry, but if you grind your teeth have gotten smaller.  This means in order for your dentist to put new crowns on, they need space, well luckily for you, we specialize in that, and have done it time and again for hundreds of adults.

Wow, that was a lot of information and obviously even proved us wrong in thinking we didn’t need a blog post about why you should visit the orthodontist. We hope you better understand and are a bit further educated on what an orthodontist, i.e us, can do for you and those most precious teeth. Adults and children have trusted in us for over forty years to make their smile perfect, see what we can do to perfect yours.

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