Myths of Orthodontics

September 06, 2016

You may have certain preconceived ideas when it comes to orthodontics. The truth is, there are many myths of orthodontics that exist. The following will help you to understand what orthodontics is and isn’t, as well as how it can help you.

florida myths about orthodontics

Orthodontists – Not Just for Kids

It is not true that only children get braces. It really is possible for them to help straighten your teeth at any age. While it may take less time and be easier all around if you get braces as a kid, there is still a way for it to work successfully for adults. You’re never too old for a great smile!


Does Not Just Straighten Teeth

Did you know that braces are not only used for straightening teeth out? They are beneficial in terms of correcting a person’s bite, whether it is underbite or overbite. It is important that you know overbite is not always a bad thing. However, you should talk to your orthodontist about the likelihood of it becoming a worse problem in order to consider if it would be ideal for you to get braces.


Metal Braces Are Not the Only Option

That’s right, there are many types of braces that you can get placed on your teeth. You can have clear plastic ones, known as Invisalign. There also are ceramic and plastic brackets available. Look into each of these types to determine which you would prefer.


Braces Can Be Affordable

Braces are not always incredibly expensive. Though they can cost a great deal, it is well worth it to have improved teeth and better overall health and confidence. If you worry about how you will be able to pay for them, you can talk to us about payment plans and insurance coverage.


At Angelakis Orthodontistics, we can assist you with questions you may have about orthodontic solutions. Contact Dr. Angelakis, and we will give you honest and valuable advice on which braces are right for you.

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