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August 11, 2014


propel accelerated your time in braces

Your time in braces decreases when combined with propel.

One thing I have discovered is that a patient’s number one question before starting orthodontic treatment is how long treatment will take. Though technology has given us new devices that have made the orthodontic process more efficient, it hasn’t made it faster. The only way to effectively increase the speed in which teeth move has involved extensive surgery, which most people are apprehensive about.

Now there is a new technique that not only doesn’t involve extensive surgery but also results in 50- 60% faster movement when compared to traditional orthodontics! This new micro-invasive technique, called the PROPEL system, has been developed to be used as a simple, in-office procedure.

You will be glad to know that the procedure causes very little discomfort and has zero recovery time, meaning you will be able to immediately go back to your routine, be it work, hanging with friends or playing sports. So let me explain how it works.

The challenge has always been how to locally speed up bone remodeling in a non-invasive manner, as the rate of remodeling determines rate of tooth movement. Traditional orthodontic technology focuses on using mild, yet precise forces on teeth to shift them into the proper position. The PROPEL system focuses on stimulating the bone surrounding the teeth, which helps teeth move faster into their desired positions.

To attain these extraordinary results, the PROPEL system uses a medical device that is designed to create Micro-Osteoperforations, which stimulate the bone adjacent to the teeth through a process called Alveocentesis. This causes a significant increase in cytokine activity around a tooth, resulting in quicker, more efficient bone remodeling. By increasing the cytokines in the area of desired movement, bone remodeling activity is increased and consequently the rate of tooth movement increased as well.

Simply put the bone of the upper and lower jaws are stimulated, in order to better adjust the bone that holds the teeth in place, as the teeth shift into alignment.

The device used is ready-to-use and disposal. It has a depth dial that is adjustable, with an indicating arrow on the driver body. The procedure can be used on majority of patients who are currently receiving orthodontic treatment, like traditional braces or Invisalign. PROPEL is unique in that it can target specific teeth rather than being applied to the whole mouth, unlike other systems.

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