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February 12, 2015

When you look in the mirror are you happy with your smile? Clearly it’s time to do something about your crooked teeth! Clear braces can give you the straight, beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted without having distracting metal on your teeth. Their translucent ceramic technology effectively straightens your smile without being obvious every time you open your mouth.

davie clear braces

Clear Braces at Cronauer & Angelakis Orthodontits

• Self-ligating for greater efficiency
• Increased control for shorter treatment time
• Straightens teeth and corrects bite issues
• Never need tightening
• Fewer follow up visits
• No plastic or rubber
• Do not stain teeth
• More comfortable than traditional braces

With clear braces, you can confidently smile and speak without worrying about people seeing your braces and not you. They were created to blend in rather than stand out, but you won’t sacrifice effectiveness since they work just as well as other styles.

Even though clear braces are slightly higher than their traditional metal counterparts, we are pleased to offer many different payment options to help offset the costs that are not covered by your dental plan.

Still not convinced? That’s okay because we offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation for your first visit. During this appointment we will take x-rays of your mouth and evaluate your level of malocclusion. This allows us to determine if you are a candidate for clear braces and create an individual treatment plan just for you.

Contact us to set up a visit to either one of our convenient South Coast locations. We even have Saturday appointments available for your convenience. It’s time to stop wondering what your smile could look like and make it happen!

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