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Sometimes we meet patients with beautifully straight teeth, but who are struggling with an incorrect bite. These patients have upper and lower jaws that don’t meet properly, and are often experiencing painful facial joints and even digestive problems because they are unable to chew their food properly. There is no need to worry if you are one of them, because we can help with that easily and effectively through using for example In-Ovation!

In-Ovation is a really patient-friendly system that does not only straighten teeth. It achieves both impressive teeth straightening and bite-correcting results through unique Interactive™ technology, and will leave you with all of improved facial proportion and straight teeth!

The In-Ovation system uses free-sliding technology. This means that it doesn’t use elastics or ties at all, and places very little pressure on your teeth while aligning them. Many patients find them more comfortable to wear than traditional braces as elastics and ties put pressure on teeth, causing some discomfort. Results are achieved much faster, leading to fewer follow up visits – because there is never any brace-tightening to be done.
When we have decided that In-Ovation will work for you, we will have choices too as the system comes in three styles! Here they are: In-Ovation R has a low profile and is smaller than other self-litigating braces. It is easy to keep your teeth clean when using them. In-Ovation C is translucent and made from ceramic, comfortable and really nice-looking. In-Ovation L is excellent for patients who need teeth alignment of less than 6mm.

Whatever your orthodontic needs are, the truth is that we will always be able to assist you, using superb products like In-Ovation and others, coupled with loving care from highly qualified and up-to-date professionals
(In-Ovation braces are similar to another popular type of braces called Damon braces – both use the same principles to move teeth, it is doctor preference as to which brand they use)