How To Get Your Braces Off In Time

September 27, 2016

A person may wear braces for half a year to 30 months depending on several factors. It depends on how old the patient is, how severe the problem is, how cooperative the patient is, and how much movement is possible. There is no magic formula that will allow a patient to remove his braces in just three months, but there are steps that the patient can take to make it sooner.

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Attend your appointments

Periodic treatments are a crucial part of the patient’s braces treatment. In general, the dentist will see the patient every four to eight weeks to check his progress and make adjustments to the braces if necessary. The patient must keep track of his appointment schedule with the orthodontist because missing an appointment can make the treatment longer and the braces will take a longer time to be removed. The patient also misses the opportunity to have the orthodontist evaluate the treatment.

Follow your dentist’s instruction

Aside from attending the scheduled appointments, the patient is also advised to wear the elastics and use the appliances provided by the dentist. It is important for the patient to wear the elastics because it will pull the teeth to where they are supposed to be. The appliances provided, such as interdental cleaners, must be used too. Interdental cleaners can help maintain the cleanliness of the bracketed teeth. This will help in making sure the treatment goes as scheduled because healthy gums and teeth respond better to treatments. The patient must take note of the dentist’s instructions to keep his treatment on track.

Take care of your dental health

The orthodontist is not the only one who has an active role in the treatment. The patient must also do his part by keeping his gums and teeth healthy as well as avoiding certain foods that might lead to broken wires. The patient must regularly brush their teeth. There are areas that the toothbrush won’t be able to reach so it’s recommended that the patient uses dental floss for this. The patient must also avoid certain foods such as corn on the cob, candies, chips, and more. These can break brackets and bend wires which will only extend the treatment.

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