How Do Teeth Move With Traditional Braces?

September 21, 2015

Braces are pretty amazing when you think about it. From the outside they may all look the same but each individuals treatment plan is actually as unique as they are. The types of brackets, wires and even the band placement all work together to gently apply force to your teeth to move them into their correct alignment.

pembroke pines traditional braces

Traditional braces consist of three parts:

  • Brackets: Bonded directly to the teeth, the brackets work as a handle for us to grab on to push the teeth into their proper position. They can be made from stainless steel or ceramic material.
  • Archwires: Archwires connect the brackets together and are more flexible at the beginning of treatment and gradually replaced with stiffer versions as your time in braces progresses.
  • Bands: Bands, or elastic ligatures, are used to hold the archwire in place and can also be used to direct the force the braces are applying to the teeth.


Your braces are providing a constant, gentle force that slowly guides your teeth into their desired positions. This process occurs over time so the results aren’t always obvious right away; that’s why we take before and after pictures.

In order for your braces to be effective, it is important that you don’t miss your appointments. These visits are included in the cost of your braces and allow us to tighten your wires and adjust the bands if necessary.

At Cronauer and Angelakis, we’ve been giving the South Coast something to smile about for over 30 years. Our combined experience means that you will see the results you want with the braces that are right for you. If you’re ready to learn more about how braces can help you have a dazzling smile, schedule a complimentary consultation at one of our convenient locations today.

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