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questions about orthodontics
What Does Orthodontics Mean?

‘Ortho’ Is Greek For To Straighten, And ‘dontics’ Refers To Teeth. Thus: It Means ‘to Straighten Teeth’!

Why Should I Consider Orthodontics?

A Number Of People Consult An Orthodontist Because Of Esthetics, Which Is Quite Understandable – It Is Related To Self-Esteem And Sometimes Also Career-Advancement. The Other Truth, Though, Is That Straight Teeth Are Easier To Maintain As They Are Easier To Clean. Once You Have Received Orthodontic Treatment, The Teeth That You Or Your Child Have In Your Mouths Will Also Be Less Subject To Abnormal Wear. If Your Treatment Involved Ensuring A Better Bite, You Will Also Be Able To Eat And Speak Better – And You Will Have Been Clearly Told How To Maintain Your Teeth In The Future!

Is My Child Too Young For Orthodontics?

The American Academy Of Orthodontists Recommends An Orthodontic Assessment For A Child As Early As Age 7. Remember That Only A Specialist Will Be Able To Assess The Real Situation With Your Child’s Teeth, What Could Be Expected In Later Years, And How To Prevent Possible Future Problems. Therefore – The Earlier We See A Patient, The Better, As We Can Then Guide The Development Of The Teeth And Jaws And Completely Prevent Complicated Or Even Any Orthodontics Later.

Am I Too Old For Orthodontics?

Very Unlikely. In Fact; Orthodontics Is The Fastest Growing Industry In Dentistry – Specifically In The Adult Age Group. With Older Patients Compliance Is Usually Not An Issue.

What Guarantee Do I Have That Cronauer & Angelakis Orthodontics Will Be The Right Place For Me To Go To?

Our Guarantee To You Is That You (or Your Caregiver If You Have One) Will Be Treated With The Specific-To-You Individual Care, Respect And Warmth In A Homely Atmosphere With Services Provided By Extraordinary Dental Professionals Who Are Highly Qualified And Continually Studying To Keep Abreast Of Advancements In The Procedural, Technological And Academic Areas Of Our Field Of Expertise. Our Doctors Are Part Of Several Boards And Study Groups.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

You Simply Pick Up The Phone, And You Will Be Greeted By A Warm And Friendly Voice That Will Try To Accommodate You At A Time That Will Suit You And Will Tell You How To Find Us!

Do I Still Need To See My Dentist Once My Orthodontic Procedure Has Been Completed?

Yes! Regular Dental Check-Ups Are Important To Keep Your Teeth In Good Health.

What Happens If My One Of My Brackets Comes Off Or I Have Another Emergency?

You Call The Office As Soon As Possible And Dr. Angelakis, Dr. Cronauer Or Dr. Carmona Will Put It Back On Or Advise You On What To Do!

Can I Use My Electric Toothbrush With Braces?

Any Type Of Toothbrush Will Work Great – Just Remember To Use It Frequently!