Food To Avoid With Braces

August 18, 2014
braces and foods to avoid

Some food should be avoided if you have braces.


Although we offer braces that are strong and advanced, these orthodontic appliances need to be treated with care. That means consuming foods that will not damage the brackets and wires that hold the braces together and in place. It is better to be cautious and care for braces so that we can all get to experience your beautiful smile as soon as possible. We recommend that all foods that are sticky, hard, or chewy be avoided. It would be easier on your braces if you stuck to soft foods. Below is a guide on foods to avoid that we advise our patients to follow:

Foods High in Sugar Content

Limit the consumption of foods with high sugar content. The exceptions would be when it is possible to brush your teeth immediately after consuming sugary foods. We also advise patients to stay away from gum and soda containing sugar. Heavy plaque build-up usually results from these foods, and that is something we need to avoid. The combination of sugar and plaque produces acid in the mouth, leading to white spots on the teeth, swollen gums, and decay.


Foods Normally Bitten Into With the Front Teeth

We don’t mean that these foods have to be totally removed from your diet. Just cut them up into bite-sized pieces before you eat so that they may be chewed using the back molars. In this category, we include foods such as apples, thin crust pizza, carrots, burgers, corn-on-the-cob, celery, croutons, hard rolls, spareribs and other meat with bones.


Hard Foods

There are some foods that we would consider too tough to safely bite into while wearing braces. These include nuts, ice, pretzels, popcorn, hard French bread, hard cookies, hard sticky candies and corn chips. Biting into these can bend or break your wires and brackets. Popcorn has the further potential to become stuck in your gums beneath the bracket, which can severely irritate the gums.


Chewy Candies

Chewy candies like Skittles, taffy, caramel, Starburst, and even chewing gums such as Bubble Yum are bad for braces. Not only are they very sweet, but these candies are chewy and gummy enough to actually pull away your orthodontic appliance from your teeth. This will necessitate an appointment with an orthodontist to re-affix the braces. As this will definitely slow down treatment progress, we consider it best to avoid these and similar candies overall.

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