Are You A Candidate For Adult Braces?

September 22, 2014


florida adult braces

Are you ready for straighter teeth?

Even if you wore braces as a teenager, you may have noticed that over the years your teeth have shifted and you have experienced a change in their appearance, bite or even your ability to chew or speak. Braces wearers are not just found in middle and high schools, but also in offices and boardrooms. In fact, almost half of all orthodontic patients are now adults! The benefits of wearing braces in adulthood are much more than cosmetic. When you have an improper bite alignment known as a malocclusion, it affects your ability to brush and floss properly and that can lead to tooth decay and gum recession. Straightening your smile now can prevent serious dental health issues down the road.


With new advances in the materials and styles that braces are available in, our adult patients are discovering that taking care of alignment issues doesn’t mean they have to wear a mouth full of metal as in the past. Even today’s traditional metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than what was available 10-20 years ago. Patients can also choose ceramic braces which feature tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend in with teeth, or Invisaligners—a set of clear trays that resemble mouth guards and are switched out to a smaller size every two weeks during treatment.


When deciding which style is best for you, the doctors at Cronauer and Angelakis will clearly explain the pros and cons of each choice, as well as explain the costs involved. Unfortunately, most dental insurance plans do not cover adult braces, but we are pleased to offer several financing options to cover the treatment that works best for you. Don’t keep wishing you had the smile you’ve always wanted—call to schedule your appoint today

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