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  • How much faster are accelerated braces compared to normal braces? Treatment with accelerated braces will last between 6-9 months as opposed to between 18 months-3 years with traditional braces.
  • Do accelerated braces hurt? No; they are more comfortable than normal braces because they apply less force to your teeth.
  • Will they damage my teeth, gums or the roots of my teeth? Definitely not! They are only worn for a short time, and are very light.
  • Will I have to wear a retainer after accelerated orthodontic treatment? Yes, because you will want your teeth to maintain their new position. However – there are many options when it comes to retainers, so you only need to ask your doctor and you will be provided with the one that best suits your needs.
  • Can any age group use accelerated braces or qualify for accelerated orthodontics? You should have all your permanent teeth, and they should be fully grown and settled. Age 15 is generally a good qualifying age.
  • How can I cut my braces wearing time to the shortest time possible? Keep your appointments, follow the advice of your doctor and let us know as soon as possible if you are experiencing any problems at all!