Fall Sports Are Starting – Importance of a Mouth-guard While Wearing Braces

September 08, 2016

Fall is fast approaching and along with it comes the hustle and bustle of fall sports everybody is looking forward to. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for those who’ve got braces. Braces damage requires expensive treatment and repair, and in sports, the risk of getting the braces or your mouth damaged is unquestionably high. Fortunately, the risks can lower with the use of mouth guard.

davie mouth guard use with braces

A mouth guard is a dental device used to protect the teeth and braces during sports games. The mouth guard will absorb shock and energy, keeping the braces and your mouth safe from damage. Mouth guards really give wide protection. In fact, even the tongue, lips, cheeks, jaw, and face are also under the protection of the mouth device.

There are different types of mouth guards available.  Some you just open the package, rince them off and use them right away.  Others though, will need to be submerged in boiling water to soften the plastic material – then you will bite into the mold for a specific amount of time to mold the mouth guard to the teeth.

Go get your mouth guard ready for fall sports now! Call for Dr. Angelakis of Angelakis Orthodontics from Davie, Florida. She’s an expert when it comes to protecting teeth and braces with customized mouth guard.

Mouth guards may not prevent the accidents or the damages all together, but it at least lessens the force of impact and therefore minimizes the severity of the damage. The cost of a mouth guard is far less than the cost of visiting the dentist or orthodontist to fix the damage, so why not just wear mouth guards anyway? It never hurts to be safe, after all. Give us a call with any questions!

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