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Essix retainers are made of molded clear plastic and are vacuum-formed. They are removable and totally clear aligners that are practically invisible when worn. They cover the teeth completely. There don’t have any wires and can be removed, so they don’t interfere with eating or oral hygiene.

Some of our patients find the clear appearance appealing, but these retainers have another advantage as well: they often only need to be worn 8 hors a day. Another advantage is that they are less expensive than most other retainers. They are also easy to wear and convenient, as they can be taken out when needed. Lastly – they are manufactured quickly.
On the downside, some patients have noted that they prevent their top and bottom teeth from touching completely. Some have also said that they trap liquid against the teeth and that they find it tricky to keep the insides of the retainers clean. You can ask your doctor for the tablets used to clean them.

Essix retainers can last for around 6 years if they are looked after. When it comes to how effective your treatment with them will be though, you will have to remember that their effectiveness will rely on how diligently you will follow your orthodontist’s instructions for their use – for example: you will have to put them back in your mouth when you have taken them out for whatever reason.

The procedure for getting a set of Essix retainers is a quick and simple one: an impression of your teeth will be made by your friendly orthodontist – and the vacuum formed retainer will be created using that mold!