How To Convince My Child That She Needs Braces?

July 20, 2016

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Often, kids resist the idea of braces because they feel they will cause pain and also that the other kids will make fun of them. Hence, convincing your child to opt for braces can be a huge challenge. That being said, as a parent, you would realize that getting braces is the only way to correct issues with teeth alignment and if not taken care of at an early age, can exacerbate and lead to major dental health issues. Thankfully, there are a few tips you can use to convince your child that he/she needs braces, including:

  • Start by throwing a “You’re Getting Braces!!” party for your child where you allow him/her to eat all the candy he/she wants and drink soda or fruit juice, or whatever the choice. Also, promise your kid that you will throw a similar party once the braces are off.
  • Sometimes kids will prefer one type of braces over another, but that’s not a problem anymore as braces are available in different shapes and designs. Have your kid pick out the design they like and you might not encounter resistance.
  • Quote examples of famous people, preferably someone your kid likes, who wore braces during their childhood and might even have been teased for it. Your kid might be worried about being teased and showing them examples might alleviate their apprehension.
  • Last, but not the least, if you are unable to convince your kid in any other way, just show them the impact of crooked teeth on their dental health in the future. Explain to them how it can cause pain and discomfort and how they might even lose teeth.

If you feel your child’s teeth are not aligned properly, bring him/her to Angelakis Orthodontics and see Dr. Angelakis for a consultation.  We will go over each step of the process and make getting braces a lot less worrisome.

We also offer a free infographic that walks you through the orthodontic process – check it out!

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