You Have Choices When Deciding On Your Braces

August 04, 2014
different types of braces

There Are Choices When Choosing Your Braces.

Dental braces, also known as ‘orthodontic braces’ are used to align and straighten teeth. We use them to adjust the spacing between teeth for more attractive smiles and proper functioning teeth. Take a look below at some of the braces we offer.  Are any of them right for you?   TRADITIONAL BRACES We are all familiar with this form of braces. These are manufactured using stainless steel, and fixed onto teeth using a filling material (composite resin) that is tooth-coloured. An orthodontic wire (arch wire) is tied into the bracket using colored elastic ties. These elastic ties can be silver-colored to blend in with the braces or brightly colored. Some metal braces do not use an elastic tie to attach the arch wire to the bracket, and are known as InOvation braces in our office.   CLEAR BRACES Clear braces are made of either plastic or ceramic materials.

  1. Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made from a hard ceramic material to blend in with the color of the teeth. The orthodontic wires can also be clear or tooth-colored to improve the look further. Ceramic braces can be as effective as conventional braces at achieving tooth movement. I wouldn’t recommend it for people who play contact sports. Ceramic braces are also more expensive than metal ones.

  1. Plastic Braces

The first tooth-colored orthodontic brackets were made out of plastic (acrylic, poly-carbonate). Plastic braces blend in with the natural color of the teeth, hence are non conspicuous. They use clear, elastic ties that can be tooth-colored, but some can be self-ligating i.e. they don’t make use of ligatures or elastic ties. I have found them not suitable for situations involving extensive realignment. The choice of braces material may affect treatment time. Plastic brackets have more friction against the metal wire compared to metal brackets. This means teeth move slightly less freely, requiring more treatment time.   INVISIBLE BRACES (INVISALIGN) Invisible braces, such as Invisalign, are a new method of straightening teeth using virtually invisible removable aligners. I would recommend them mainly for people without great teeth problems. Instead of brackets, we use custom-fitted aligners that are worn except when eating or brushing teeth. The aligners are comfortable to wear, and can be taken off during a social function. The aligners are changed every two weeks, to move the teeth gradually to the desired and final position.

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