Braces Could Make Your Kid More Confident!

June 29, 2016

You wish for it, you hope it happens, just are not sure how to make it a go. What is it? Confidence. We all hope to watch our children walk into school shoulders back, head high, ready to take on all that woes them, but then reality shows us that it just doesn’t happen. So many reasons confidence disappears, and so scary what other outside influences can affect it.

confidence improved by getting braces

With that being said, let’s see what we can do to build it from the home. Some simple ways are giving them love, affection, knowing we are there for them, maybe helping them understand themselves. But what about braces?  Huh, you say, braces? Yes! we remember when braces were the anti-confidence builder, hard to eat, looked different, dealing with rubber bands, had the head gear to deal with, not to mention trying to deal with the insults from others – even friends! Those days seem to be long gone, now kids love braces, embrace them even and with such a high population of children needing them, they have actually become cool.

Let’s remember how important a smile is to a kid. Smiles light up rooms and being confident in your smile could possibly change their life. With crooked teeth or unsightly gaps, kids just don’t want to smile as they should, or they attempt to hide it and take away their natural confidence in doing so. You might  know the feeling, but it is certainly something quite fixable! Dr. Angelakis has done it thousands and thousands of times with great results in our office.

Let’s see what other reasons will make your child excited to have braces! We look forward to seeing you at the office!

Click below to grab your own personal copy of our Eight Reasons Why Your Kid Would Love Braces infograph. 

CTA for why your kids want braces

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