Are Braces Cool?

June 22, 2016

Back in my day, as a young teen, all my friends had braces. They had them and they despised them. I felt so bad for every one of them. I’d be over at their house for a stay over and they had to place that darn head gear around their head and become the object of many jokes to follow. Or at lunch at school every one was trying to eat their lunch without breaking rubber bands or the braces themselves. Either scenario could not have been fun for the gangly teenagers.

Davie Florida Braces are cool!

But today, today I have three children and all three love the fact that every tooth they have is coming in crooked, cramped or backwards (well of course, I exaggerate, but I am pretty close!!). My oldest has had braces – thank you for her now straight teeth Dr. Angelakis! My middle has them now, and loves them. The third cannot wait for her day. She literally looked at her older sisters in admiration! Wow, how times have changed.

Now, my older brother and sister had braces and I did not, in any way, want to go through what they did. Again, the head gear alone…. Enough to have me running! But I witnessed little rubber bands that were regularly replaced. It all just seemed too. Today, now today is a whole new story, kids love their bands and can’t wait to change them out each visit. They get to pick the color they want, or even a pattern of colors. Neither of my daughters had head gear, so that must not be a norm any longer, instead, regular visits and avoiding certain foods was all they had to deal with. The other change, no more making fun of my girls, they were looked up to by their friends at school. They were the cool kids who had braces!! What? It is now cool to have braces? How and when did the slang “brace face” go away?? Well guess what? It.Is.Gone. I was so thankful for them and good job to whoever eliminated that form of bullying from our schools and to even turn it around to cool is amazing to me! Thank you!

There you have it – No fear. No worries. It is alright for your kiddos to have braces. You are now going to be putting them on the cool kids bandwagon! Good job mom and dad, proud of you! Not to mention all of the other issues you are going to help them with!


Check out our 8 reasons your kids want braces infograph link below, before you know it you will be the proud parent of your cool kid in braces, thanks to Angelakis Orthodontics!

CTA for why your kids want braces

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