Braces Are Cool!!

April 13, 2015

Many kids  think it’s cool to be able to wear braces, and look forward to customizing their mouth by picking out band colors!. There are many kids that are excited about the opportunity to have braces, which is a big change from what their parents remember during their childhood. If your child is apprehensive about getting the braces on and you aren’t sure what to do, encourage them with the following things.

davie braces

Are you excited to pick out the colors for your braces?

Let them Pick their Colors

If your teen has to get braces, let them know in advance that they get to choose from a wide range of different colors for their rubber bands.  They can pick their favorite color, their school colors, and they can even do a pattern! This is something that will get them excited about the braces, and they can get colored spacers and power chains too.

Take Advantage of Technology

Your child may be more into the idea of wearing corrective orthodontic treatment if they know they can get Invisalign. These braces are very discrete, but they will have the same affect moving your child’s teeth and assisting with their orthodontic problem. Your child may think it’s cool to wear trays that no one can see but them.

Show Celebrity Pictures

There are many celebrities that have had to use braces to correct their smiles throughout the years, and it will make your child realize that anyone could need orthodontic treatment. Taylor Swift, Dakota Fanning, Prince Harry, Emma Waston and Tom Cruise are just a few of the mainstream celebrities that have been photographed wearing braces. You don’t want your child to feel like something is wrong because they need braces, and these celebrities can be an encouragement.

When polled, a majority of parents said their children had no real problems wearing the braces, and that the braces didn’t affect them socially in any way. If you know that your child needs to have their teeth fixed and you are worried that they aren’t going to want braces, you may be surprised that it has become cool to have the wire braces in your mouth. Take your child to Cronauer & Angelakis Orthodontics to get the orthodontic consultation you need. You can choose what braces are right for your child!

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