Braces For Adults

February 26, 2015

There are more adults wearing braces than ever before. In fact, our practice treats many adult patients as well as children. Not only do they wear them to give their smile a better appearance, adult braces can also correct bite issues that make it difficult to eat or cause pain and discomfort. We understand that in your business and personal life you may not want to wear orthodontic appliances that draw attention to your teeth, and that’s why we offer alternatives to traditional metal braces that prevent that from happening.

adult braces pembroke pines

You have options when it comes to adult braces


  • Invisalign Clear Aligners: Invisalign Clear Aligners are so hard to detect that no one besides you and us may know you are wearing them. This set of 18-30 clear trays are custom-fitted to your teeth and worn for 22 or more hours per day. As your treatment progresses, you will switch to the next smaller sized tray over planned intervals. Because they can be removed, you are not restricted on which foods you can eat and you can brush and floss as you normally do.
  • Ceramic Braces: All that differs between ceramic braces and traditional metal braces is the bracket material. By manufacturing the brackets out of translucent ceramic material designed to match your natural tooth color, they practically disappear when placed on your teeth.
  • ClearAligners: Created and patented by our own Dr. Cronauer, ClearAligner are a combination of Invisalign trays partnered with accelerated braces technology. They are even less expensive than you think!


Come see why Cronauer and Angelakis have been giving the South Coast something to smile about since 1977. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see what wearing braces as an adult can do to not only improve your appearance, but also your oral health.

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