clear braces

Braces and Your Child’s Happiness

Generally, the perception regarding dental braces is that they cause discomfort and may even result in people making fun of the wearer. This is especially true for kids because at their age, explaining the importance of proper medical care can…

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how to care for dental braces

How to Teach Children to take care of their Braces

Dr. Angelakis and Angelakis Orthodontics believe that braces do not only treat your children’s’ dental issues, but also change their lives for the better. However, once your child gets braces, it is vital that he learns to take care of…

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why your kids need braces

5 Benefits of Braces for Children

Your kid wants braces because his/her friends all have them & they are so cool!. Yet, at the same time, you have to make sure your kid realizes the importance of getting braces. In some cases, the parents themselves are…

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one phase braces

When do you or your children get braces?

The number one question, is when do we start. Well our orthodontist Dr. Angelakis, typically is not a believer in phase one braces, she just doesn’t believe you should have to pay twice for a service she has seen work…

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braces in davie florida

“Why” You Need An Orthodontist, Besides Straighter Teeth!

“Why Do I Need An Orthodontist?” Asked no one ever. In fact we are trying to figure out why we are even bothering writing a blog post about it, who is going to ask this question? Everyone knows you see…

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confidence improved by getting braces

Braces Could Make Your Kid More Confident!

You wish for it, you hope it happens, just are not sure how to make it a go. What is it? Confidence. We all hope to watch our children walk into school shoulders back, head high, ready to take on…

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Davie Florida Braces are cool!

Are Braces Cool?

Back in my day, as a young teen, all my friends had braces. They had them and they despised them. I felt so bad for every one of them. I’d be over at their house for a stay over and…

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remedies for braces

Remedies for Braces When You’re On the Go

You’re working your way toward that perfect smile, but with braces there are always a few bumps along the way. Below are a few remedies for when you are on the go or at home to make those bumps a little…

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What is diastema

What’s That Gap In Between My Teeth?

Have you heard of the condition called, ‘diastema’. Although you may not have heard that exact word before we’re sure you have heard of or know someone that has this condition. ‘Diastema’ refers to the unwanted gap in between two adjacent…

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Explanation of palatal expander

What is a Palatal Expander?

You hear your dentist say you are going to need a palatal expander and your mind starts to race. What is this device and why do I need it? Don’t let your mind wander too far! A palatal expander isn’t as…

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