davie fl fixing gaps in teeth

What Can I Do About Gaps In My Teeth?

Have you heard of the condition called, ‘diastema’. Perhaps those who have been visiting a dentist as a matter of routine may be aware that ‘diastema’ refers to unwanted gaps between two adjacent teeth. This usually appears between the two…

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invisalign pembroke pines

About Invisalign

Invisalign is the clear leader of this revolutionary  technology, which uses a series of clear removable aligners to gradually move your teeth as a custom-made plan for each patient. The movement is planned very precisely by using highly sophisticated three-dimensional…

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davie invisalign

Who Benefits From Invisalign?

For many of our patients, Invisalign clear aligners have been a dream come true. They love that they can wear braces that are practically invisible and still get a gorgeous smile. The fact that you can take them out while…

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ceramic braces pembroke pines

Adult Braces!

Getting adult braces is becoming more and more common these days. If your mouth is having alignment issues that affect how you smile, chew, bite or speak, you may be a perfect candidate for adult braces.  To help you better…

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davie traditional braces

Tips for Making Your Child Comfortable With Braces

Despite their effectiveness, braces can make your child a little stressful, especially in the first few days when she starts wearing them. Even though braces will change her life for the better, she may find it hard to adjust, especially…

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About Ceramic Braces

Clear braces, commonly made of ceramic composite material are strong and do not stain. Among the braces, adults like ceramic brackets because they are more discreet and designed to be less visible that the regular metal brackets. These are the…

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difference between an orthodontist and a dentst

Orthodontist or Dentist: Who Will Treat My Child’s Teeth?

Dentistry is a broad field, encompassing a number of skills and disciplines. Dentists are qualified to handle all aspects of dental care, right from routine procedures, to preventive measures, and from diagnosing issues, to performing surgery. On the other hand,…

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your child needs braces

How to know if your Child Needs Braces

Braces are not uncommon among children, and you may believe that your son or daughter also needs braces. Here are the major signs that can help you determine whether or not your child needs braces: Signs to Look Out For…

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your kids WANT braces!

The 8 Major Benefits of Braces for Children

It’s cool these days… gone are the days when kids who wore braces were made fun of. Now, with the modern designs and different styles, braces look and feel cool as well! Speaking clearly to all… crooked and misshapen teeth…

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lunches for children with braces

How To Convince My Child That She Needs Braces?

Often, kids resist the idea of braces because they feel they will cause pain and also that the other kids will make fun of them. Hence, convincing your child to opt for braces can be a huge challenge. That being…

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