Ceramic Braces

October 29, 2014

FAQs About Ceramic Braces


Are ceramic braces the right choice for you?

Ceramic Braces

Will They Work As Well As Metal Braces?

Yes, ceramic braces will adjust your teeth at about the same rate as metal brackets. They are at a higher risk of breaking however, so it is very important to avoid foods that have been forbidden by the orthodontist.


How Long Does Treatment Last?

On average, you will wear your braces for about two years to achieve the desired results.


Will They Cost The Same As Metal Braces?

No, due to the technology and materials involved to manufacture them, ceramic braces will cost slightly more than traditional braces.


Are They Invisible?

When accompanied with tooth-colored wires, ceramic braces blend in with your teeth, but are not completely invisible. For undetectable braces, consider treatment using Invisalign clear aligners.


Are They Smaller Than Regular Braces?

No, they are the same size but may appear smaller since they are close in color to your natural teeth.


Can They Stain?

Yes, certain foods like coffee and tea can cause staining to occur. Smoking can also alter the color of the brackets and should be avoided. Regular brushing after meals and tobacco use can help prevent this from occurring.


Can Kids Wear Them?

Since the ceramic material is more prone to cracking and chipping, we don’t advice them for use in children. Failure to follow the restricted foods list can inadvertently cause damage to the brackets.


How Will I Know If I’m A Candidate For Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are definitely not for everyone. If you are comfortable with the additional costs and diligent home care that is required, ceramic braces are a great option for you to consider.

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