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adult braces

As adults there are many things that could keep us from going to an orthodontist or seeing someone about our health. We might be strapped for time, feel that it’s too much trouble, embarrassing or just that we have more important things to do and that it can wait.

The question we have to ask ourselves, though, is this: who looks at our teeth and smile most of the day? The obvious answer is – not us. The ones who see our faces most often are our romantic partners, colleagues, bosses, friends, children, bank managers, clients or customers, business partners and so on. The other side of the coin is that some orthodontic problems can cause us much discomfort – and being rid of them could make a world of difference to our lives.

When adults come to our practice we know that they have taken time out of a possibly busy schedule. We therefore value their time and respect the wise decision they have made. We will discuss the problem, do the necessary tests and mutually agree on the way forward.

Adults often consult an orthodontist for the simple reason of wanting a healthier mouth and the knowledge that they can give bright smiles without having to worry about what their teeth look like. They might also obtain orthodontic help because they know it will give them more confidence and improve their self-esteem. However – adult orthodontic care often involves correcting an incorrect bite that might make eating more difficult because the teeth don’t fit together as they should, teeth that are either crowded or too far apart (both opening up opportunities for tooth decay and/or gum disease), and abnormal jaw pain or pressure due to crooked teeth.

Whatever your needs and/or goals are, we are here to give you what you want and need, and will use our expert qualifications, experience, superior technology and the latest and best products on the market to get you where you want to be with your dental requirements. We also have a wide range of products that will enable you to have your teeth corrected without others even knowing that you are having it done!

Please feel free to get hold of us to make your dreams come true or relieve you from your discomfort, and allow us to create a beautiful smile or restore proper function of your teeth and/or bite.