Adult Braces!

August 09, 2016

Getting adult braces is becoming more and more common these days. If your mouth is having alignment issues that affect how you smile, chew, bite or speak, you may be a perfect candidate for adult braces.  To help you better understand what you are in for, we are going to explain the exact components of the braces that work together to guide your teeth into their proper position and alleviate issues caused by malocclusion.

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Brackets:  Usually bonded directly to the tooth with a white, fluoride-infused substance (similar to what is used in fillings), the brackets can be made of several different materials including ceramic and stainless steel. These are the parts that usually come to mind when people think of braces. If a bracket comes off from eating hard, crunchy or sticky foods, it is important to get it replaced as soon as possible or you will be looking at a longer duration for treatment.

Archwires:  Fabricated from alloys such as stainless steel, nickel-titanium o beta-titanium, archwires attach to the brackets and are responsible for guiding the movement of your teeth. As your treatment progresses, these wires will be replaced with less elastic, stiffer versions.

Bands: For back teeth, a band is used instead of a bracket. This metal ring is able to better withstand the forces of chewing.

Elastic Tie: Available in a full range of colors so that you can customize your braces, elastic ties fit around the bracket and secure the arch wire in place.

Hooks: Used to attach rubber bands, hooks can be found on brackets, bands or archwires.

Rubber Bands:  When attached to strategically placed hooks, rubber bands are able to apply different angles of force that braces alone cannot.


With today’s wide variety of materials, braces no longer have to be a mouth full of metal.  At Cronauer and Angelakis, we can help coordinate these components into an orthodontic treatment as unique as you are! Call for a consultation today!

For more information about adult braces, check out our eBook about accelerated adult braces!  It might help answer some of those nagging questions you might have.  We are always available by phone though to further help you out! Click the image below to get the eBook!
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