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When a patient, who already has permanent teeth fully formed, approaches us for braces but feels that he or she is not up to spending years in treatment, we might suggest accelerated braces. Accelerated orthodontic treatment (also known as speed straightening, accelerated osteogenic orthodontics or Wilckodontics) is a procedure that combines techniques from both the fields of orthodontics and periodontics.

Rapid tooth movement will be facilitated by your doctor through a surgical procedure which will focus on the bone that your teeth are nestled into, rather than by a process that will force the movement of the teeth. This surgery will weaken the root, after which your doctor will apply bone grafting material. The bone grafting material causes tissue to form 2-10 times faster than normal, but during the growing process, your teeth will have less density to move through and will therefore move into the desired positions much faster.

How much faster will they move? Generally the use of accelerated braces will cause teeth to move about 60-70% faster than with normal braces. Another way to put it – your treatment will last between 6-9 months as opposed to between 18 months-3 years when just wearing braces. It could also save you a good 2 years of planning for and going to see your doctor!

Accelerated braces like ClearAligners correct mild to moderate upper or lower teeth crowding, and is an inexpensive way to get to your perfect smile much faster. (ClearAligners braces were designed and patented by our own Dr. Cronauer!)


ClearAligners are lightweight teeth aligners that are removable and basically invisible. They were designed by Dr. Cronauer of Cronauer&Angelakis after many years of studying his patients’ main needs. When a patient has mild teeth straightening needs but also needs the alignment to happen quickly, your doctor might suggest ClearAligners.

One of the differences between ClearAligners and other removable braces is the remarkable speed in which it reaches the patient’s desired teeth straightening goal. While Invisalign e.g. works on a steady step-by-step system, ClearAligners achieves the same goal within an average of less than 6 months. They move so fast that you will have to pay us a visit around every 2nd week!

ClearAligners were also designed by Dr. Cronauer with budget constraints of some patients in mind. They are therefore also more affordable than other removable teeth aligners. In short: Dr.Cronauer had the synergy of speed, cost effectiveness and aesthetics in mind when he designed and patented ClearAligners.

The versatility of this product makes that it can also be used before other more complicated orthodontic treatment, to speed up the later work. It corrects less serious lower frontal and minor upper frontal crowding and rotations, and also simple frontal and back crossbites – but, more than that, it also corrects molars by distalizing (pushing) them, too, into the correct positions. This can speed up the process when other orthodontic work needs to be performed afterwards.

You will also not have to wear these braces 24 hours a day, and will be able to take them out for work and special occasions.

The last great benefit of your ClearAligners is an obvious but really beneficial one: your braces will be superiorly patient compliant as they will be made by the inventor doctor himself (or one of his colleagues) as it is a practice product!

In Ovation

Sometimes we meet patients with beautifully straight teeth, but who are struggling with an incorrect bite. These patients have upper and lower jaws that don’t meet properly, and are often experiencing painful facial joints and even digestive problems because they are unable to chew their food properly. There is no need to worry if you are one of them, because we can help with that easily and effectively through using for example In-Ovation!

In-Ovation is a really patient-friendly system that does not only straighten teeth. It achieves both impressive teeth straightening and bite-correcting results through unique Interactive™ technology, and will leave you with all of improved facial proportion and straight teeth!

The In-Ovation system uses free-sliding technology. This means that it doesn’t use elastics or ties at all, and places very little pressure on your teeth while aligning them. Many patients find them more comfortable to wear than traditional braces as elastics and ties put pressure on teeth, causing some discomfort. Results are achieved much faster, leading to fewer follow up visits – because there is never any brace-tightening to be done.
When we have decided that In-Ovation will work for you, we will have choices too as the system comes in three styles! Here they are: In-Ovation R has a low profile and is smaller than other self-litigating braces. It is easy to keep your teeth clean when using them. In-Ovation C is translucent and made from ceramic, comfortable and really nice-looking. In-Ovation L is excellent for patients who need teeth alignment of less than 6mm.

Whatever your orthodontic needs are, the truth is that we will always be able to assist you, using superb products like In-Ovation and others, coupled with loving care from highly qualified and up-to-date professionals


Sometimes patients opt for braces but want to have some speed built into them as well! When this happens and we find our patient fit to have a brace enhancing procedure done, we might opt for PROPEL.

PROPEL is a sterile, handheld and disposable device that we will use to make a small, virtually painless puncture in the bone so that the bone in which your teeth have to move, is a little less dense. Your teeth will then move faster and align in about half the time that braces alone would have moved them in.

It will take your doctor only about 5 minutes to perform the procedure! Also – if we use PROPEL to shorten the time to the smile you desire and deserve, it will have other benefits too: you will have fewer appointments to the orthodontist – and the bone that we punctured, will actually be stronger than before.

  • How much faster are accelerated braces compared to normal braces?Treatment with accelerated braces will last between 6-9 months as opposed to between 18 months-3 years with traditional braces.
  • Do accelerated braces hurt? No; they are more comfortable than normal braces because they apply less force to your teeth.
  • Will they damage my teeth, gums or the roots of my teeth? Definitely not! They are only worn for a short time, and are very light.
  • Will I have to wear a retainer after accelerated orthodontic treatment? Yes, because you will want your teeth to maintain their new position. However – there are many options when it comes to retainers, so you only need to ask your doctor and you will be provided with the one that best suits your needs.
  • Can any age group use accelerated braces or qualify for accelerated orthodontics? You should have all your permanent teeth, and they should be fully grown and settled. Age 15 is generally a good qualifying age.
  • How can I cut my braces wearing time to the shortest time possible? Keep your appointments, follow the advice of your doctor and let us know as soon as possible if you are experiencing any problems at all!