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About Cronauer & Angelakis

With over 45 years of combined orthodontic experience, our patients are assured comprehensive and effective treatment. We individually analyze the initial records for each case to accurately diagnose and develop a personalized plan for treatment. Since patient well-being is top priority, we emphasize fast, aesthetic solutions and avoid unnecessary, premature treatment. Our office atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, where patients can feel comfortable and confident in experienced treatment.

Treatment Philosophy

Drs. Cronauer and Angelakis treat patients in their practice with evidence-based orthodontic techniques. These are proven orthodontic techniques based on controlled clinical research.
Most young patients are treated with a focus on long-term stability using one phase treatment in the mid to late mixed dentition, resulting in shorter overall treatment time than two phase treatment.
Since permanent teeth erupt early in some children and later in others, young patients are seen on a complimentary basis every six months after the age of seven until the child is ready for treatment. A very small percentage of young patients may receive a first phase treatment, as in the case of a cross bite or growth abnormalities.
Adult patients are also treated with the appropriate evidence-based orthodontic techniques with a focus on long-term stability and full mouth reconstruction if necessary.

Meet our Doctors

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