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August 02, 2016

Clear braces, commonly made of ceramic composite material are strong and do not stain. Among the braces, adults like ceramic brackets because they are more discreet and designed to be less visible that the regular metal brackets. These are the type of brackets that actor Tom Cruise wore when he had adult braces. Brackets designed to hold the wire on are usually clear or light colored. They can yellow over time, especially in the case of patients who smoke or drink a lot of tea or coffee. However, this is generally not the case.

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You should know that more and more orthodontists recommend discreet ceramic braces. These brackets can be offered for treatment for adults as well as for children.


Discretion: the main advantage of this type of attachment is that they are ultra-discreet, but not invisible. One is even surprised, by approaching someone wearing these brackets, to realize that she has braces.

Can handle complex cases: just as the traditional metal braces, ceramic braces can handle complex cases.


Highest price: the price difference between metal braces and the ceramic is significant. To lower the price wearing metal braces on the lower teeth, where it shows less, is also a solution.

Yellowing: it is less the brackets themselves, and more the elastic placed on each of them which may slightly change color. If you drink a lot of coffee, tea or if you, there is a good chance that these elastics could become discolored. These bands though, are changed often – at each appointment you will receive fresh bands on your brackets.

Fragile: indeed, ceramic braces are somewhat more fragile than traditional metal braces – but not so much so that it should discourage you from getting them.  With a little more care, the ceramic braces can last throughout your entire treatment with no problems.

If you are interested in the orthodontic process and are not quite sure what to expect – we have an amazing infographic for you to download!

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