The 8 Major Benefits of Braces for Children

July 22, 2016

your kids WANT braces!

  1. It’s cool these days… gone are the days when kids who wore braces were made fun of. Now, with the modern designs and different styles, braces look and feel cool as well!

  2. Speaking clearly to all… crooked and misshapen teeth can get in the way of proper facial structure, hampering your child’s speech. Braces realign the teeth perfectly, enabling your kid to speak freely once more.

  3. Huge confidence builder… kids with crooked teeth and imperfect smiles often end up losing confidence. Braces help restore their confidence and make them feel better about themselves.

  4. Chew up their love of eating… as with speaking, teeth problems can hamper proper chewing as well. After the braces come off, your kid will be able to eat whatever he/she wants with little risk of dental problems.

  5. Odd tooth protrusion… if it’s one thing kids hate is odd teeth appearing out of nowhere. This is a common problem, but one which can be easily treated with braces. Your kid doesn’t have to worry about teeth emerging in places they shouldn’t.

  6. Abnormal sized teeth… misshapen teeth can cause other teeth to grow in abnormal sizes, which places pressure on the gums and also the other teeth.

  7. Eliminate those darn gaps… in addition to pressure, misaligned teeth can lead to gaps between teeth, which look awkward and cause embarrassment for children.

  8. Some children have habits which can affect their teeth, like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. Braces can help rectify the impact of these problems for good, which means you can deal with the problem and help your child overcome the habit at the same time.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of braces for children. If you feel your child’s teeth are misshapen or not aligned properly, bring him/her to Angelakis Orthodontics and see Dr. Angelakis right away.


For an infograph that talks about all the reason kids want braces – click HERE!

CTA for why your kids want braces

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